Business Case

Business Case Development

The development of a compelling and/or defensible business case is an essential part of any business strategy. New technology integration, along with changing business processes dictate that decisions made are based on sound financial analysis. In the current climate, a business case should both support decision making and serve as a planning tool which integrates end-to-end rationale, starting with capitalization and extending through on-going operation now and in the future.

At Dynamic Energy Group, our analysis is careful, comprehensive and pragmatic. We examine a multitude of factors including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Current and anticipated regulatory implications
  • Critical requirements across all stakeholders
  • On-going and objective performance analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Planning for capitalization, operations and business process integration

Our track record includes development of business cases for Volt Var Control, Distribution Automation, Asset Management, AMR/AMI technology investments, communications systems and demand response programs among others.