Strategic Consulting

Data Analytics - Reporting

A recent industry survey asked 14,000 utility employees about their views and experiences in analytics, business intelligence and the management of high volume data. The results revealed an overwhelming belief on the part of those surveyed that utilities are currently "challenged with immature business intelligence and analytics capabilities."

While the Smart Grid is commonly looked to as the means to deliver situational insights, operational control and associated benefits, the path between technology implementation and verified outcomes is not certain. The sea of data that the technology will produce must be thoughtfully, accurately and consistently managed and analyzed to secure the technology-to-outcomes connection.

DEG has significant relevant experience in successfully managing the technology-to-outcome continuum, including recent experience with the following:

  • Research lead (impact analysis planning, data collection and modeling), analysis and report developer for multiple ARRA SGIG grant recipients
  • Consultant to western ISO to develop DSM programs, measurement and verification strategies for key constraint area
  • Analytics Lead working with mid-Atlantic ISO to develop meter grade (proxy) verification methods for alternative direct load control technology/program
  • Developed measurement methodology and statistical analysis for determining methods to coordinate load forecasts with counterfactual benchmarks and data sampling to verify net impacts and estimation variances