Smart Grid Pragmatics

Smart Grid PragmaticsTM

What is Smart Grid PragmaticsTM? It’s a time-tested practice of looking at complex issues (i.e. Smart Grid deployment and integration) in a rigorous and methodical manner in order to develop the optimal path to desired results. DEG applies focus at critical junctures and supports their client in thinking through outcomes and alternatives. The resulting solution accommodates all critical factors and leads to satisfactory outcomes for all stakeholders. Every Smart Grid deployment is unique and therefore requires a customized approach to ensure that individual needs are met. Success in applying lessons learned to each unique opportunity is what differentiates service providers. DEG’s special skills in the following areas underpin our approach to engineering, planning and project implementation:

  • Communicating across varied stakeholder groups
  • Aligning stakeholders with planning objectives
  • Defining priorities
  • Formulating value-based project objectives
  • Aligning roles and responsibilities with skill sets and experience
  • Developing decision-making framework(s)